Air Canada changes seat selection policy

Air Canada has updated its seat selection policy for certain fare classes. Starting this week, passengers who have purchased Economy (Basic) or Economy (Standard) fares will not be able to choose a Standard seat for free during check-in. Instead, Air Canada will automatically assign seats at check-in, with a fee applicable if passengers wish to switch seats afterward.

The airline offers various fare options such as Basic, Latitude, and Business Class, each with its own set of features. Features such as seat selection, extra baggage allowance, and refund options are available depending on the fare purchased.

In a statement, Air Canada explained that while passengers on fares that don’t include free seat selection have always had the option to pay for seat selection before check-in, the new policy aligns with industry practices by charging the same fee for changes made after automatic seat assignment at check-in. This approach is consistent with other Canadian airlines like WestJet, Porter, and Flair.

Air Canada reassured that it will continue to seat families together at no extra charge in accordance with Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations. The airline did not specify the fees for selecting or changing seats, noting that the costs remain the same before and during check-in. This policy affects passengers flying on domestic, U.S., and certain international routes under Economy (Basic) or Economy (Standard) fares.