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Tropical & Exotic destinations for Tomorrow

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Imagine yourself amid the sultry mirrored skylines and colorful mercados that are Panama City, exploring the traditional Creole-influenced villages of Guadeloupe or even contrasting the passionate always-awake energy of Buenos Aires with the towering glaciers and spectacular silence of sheer white Antarctic landscapes.

While our next adventure at sea will have to wait, our thirst for travel and exploration continues. The planning, the journey, and the way each destination changes us upon arrival is what drives us. For now, we can dream up our next adventure, but soon we will make it a reality. 

The Unusual Caribbean

Calling on a desirable set of boutique and off-the-beaten-path islands such as Bonaire, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Vincent and Trinidad, Riviera and Sirena spend the winter season sailing our uncommon Caribbean. These attractive voyages create ideal escapes in the sun: exclusive and cultural destinations blessed with paradise beaches and yet not filled with crowds. There are also several unique cruises that begin and end in Barbados – a cultured island that really does have it all – as well as happy and languid Aruba for those seeking to extend their chic island getaway a little longer. Two Panama Canal voyages featuring an overnight in the standout new port of Panama City, a gleaming multicultural capital of Central America, crown this Caribbean season.

Pure South America

Why not let wintertime mean reveling in the beauty of Brazilian seaside retreats or exploring some of the most exotic regions of South America? The Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro itinerary is an oft-overlooked cruise – but offers a multi-faceted adventure full of memorable encounters: carefree days in sun-kissed spots like the emerald-green bay surrounding the beaches of Porto Belo, cultural treasures such as the beautifully preserved colonial center of Parati and the exploding culinary scene of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Other top cruises for 2021-2022 include their Amazon voyages, which combine rainforest explorations with enticing Caribbean destinations, as well as their thrilling expeditions around the southern tip of South America – one of which ventures even farther southward to cruise past several stunning Antarctic islands.

New Itineraries and Uncommon Destinations

With 105 itineraries, 75 of them brand new, and 10 exciting new ports to explore, these collection of voyages explore the many personalities of Africa with one-of-a-kind touring options such as unforgettable safaris. It ventures to the southernmost reaches of South America and explores the best of Patagonia with the rare opportunity to witness the pure Antarctic beauty of remote locations such as Deception Island and Paradise Bay. Closer to home, travelers will find diverse tropical escapes that offer the bliss of Oceania Cruises’ uncommon Caribbean, featuring boutique ports such as Roseau, Dominica; Kralendijk, Bonaire; Kingstown, St. Vincent and the new port of Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe.