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Travelling is soooo safe, that COVID-19 insurance is free?

That’s right you heard it right. Insurance companies are willing to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars if you get COVID-19 while on vacation and the airlines are paying for your premiums too. Now if anyone knows how an insurance company works, they know the most basic thing. Payments vs liability, simply put, can they get more money out of insurance premiums then they can out of paying medical bills for COVID-19. They clearly see the low risk to them as payouts for losses claimed will be less then the money paid to them in insurance premiums. Look at it this way. If the insurance had to pay out just one air ambulance to the max out of $100,000,...

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My Jamaica Trip During COVID-19

Now may not seem like the ideal time to take a vacation, when the opportunity became available to jump onto an Air Canada Vacation package I decided it was a great chance to really see what travel is like during this crazy time and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.                                                   Important: Jamaica has a travel authorization form that you must fill out before arriving into the country, this form and details can be found by visiting this link:  once you get your confirmation email you must print off the copy to present at...

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Adventure Trips to Take After COVID-19

by Megan Duncan   There’s no doubt the travel industry took a hard hit when the whole world came to a screeching halt due to the corona virus pandemic. As things are slowly starting up again, it’s clear that adventure travel will be among the first to bounce back under the “new normal”, particularly those companies who offer smaller group sizes and take travelers off the beaten path. Smaller groups make it easier to practice health and safety precautions, an added bonus on top of the ease of transportation and getting into lesser known sites and attractions. By heading to less tourist-ed spots, you not only get a more authentic view of the place you’re visiting, but you also avoid the large crowds...

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