My Jamaica Trip During COVID-19

Now may not seem like the ideal time to take a vacation, when the opportunity became available to jump onto an Air Canada Vacation package I decided it was a great chance to really see what travel is like during this crazy time and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.                                                  

Important: Jamaica has a travel authorization form that you must fill out before arriving into the country, this form and details can be found by visiting this link:  once you get your confirmation email you must print off the copy to present at the airport in Canada as well as to the health officers in destination once you arrive in Jamaica. I also purchased an additional service called Club Mo-Bay, this service includes a private airport concierge that meets you once you get off the plane in Jamaica and takes you through the immigration process, this service is well worth it especially during this time as you must go see a health office for screening, this concierge takes you exactly where you need to go and you get to pass all of the lines saving a ton of time, once through customs you get to go to the Club MO ‘Bay lounge and enjoy a drink and a snack while your concierge finds your airport transfer for you.

Travelling on the plane and in the airports was so safe. With social distancing rules in place (at airports), masks, temperature checks and sanitization stations everywhere. One thing to really note that I thought was amazing is on every single Air Canada flight you are provided with a kit that includes, sanitizer, a mask, gloves, bottle of water, headphones and a bag of pretzels all individually packaged in a bag. Love that Air Canada is going that extra mile for the safety of their guests.

Being on the resort also felt super safe. Mandatory temperature checks from the moment you step out of your airport transfer as well as masks and sanitization required in the lobby. Just like at home, every common area, restaurant, or bar requires masks and social distancing. Being on the resort is just as safe as going to your local grocery store or restaurant.

I highly recommend Island Dreams for your excursion and transportation needs. They were able to provide an absolute local experience and customized tour options. Their guides and drivers provide top notch experiences at great prices. Here’s a link to their website:

I would feel comfortable and confident to travel again to Jamaica, it was an amazing experience and well worth the 14-day quarantine. Continue to live your life to the fullest with no regrets.

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By: Melissa Tolmie (Your Travel Guru)