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Why do you need Travel Gurus in 2023?

Why you need Travel Gurus in 2023? They're virtually indestructible. Travel advisors working today have been through the mill, as my grandmother would say. That includes 9/11, brutal agency commission cuts, the online travel revolution, and the pandemic. They've learned new tricks and developed new specialties. Travel advisors personalize everything these days — your transportation, accommodations and activities. They're doing it better with technology. They've taken their travel expertise to the next level, learning about countries, cities and even neighborhoods. Google can't compete with that. Also, travel advisors are constantly improving, and their educational journey is continuing in 2023. The best part about Travel Gurus is that they do all this with no extra fees! So you get the best...

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Top 5 things to do in Turks and Caicos 🇹🇨

The Turks and Caicos are so much more than sunny skies and white sand beaches. While its popularity among honeymooners is certainly noted, these stunning islands are an ideal destination for families of all ages. Spot interesting animals in their natural habitat, take part in unique cultural events, enjoy child-friendly activities, and discover all the adventures that keep teenagers and parents entertained. This is a gorgeous destination that’s perfect for the entire family.   1  |  Ride with Provo Ponies Provo Ponies, located in Providenciales, started out as a rescue operation for abused and malnourished horses. Now, visitors are invited to ride on the backs of these majestic creatures, through both beach and trail, during a three-hour excursion. This is...

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Spotlight on Travel with Pride

After celebrating Pride throughout the month of June, this month, we’d like to acknowledge, amplify, and celebrate diversity and inclusion on a broader scale. As Lisa Lutoff Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, stated, “For far too long, ‘all-inclusive’ in the travel industry has meant everything on your vacation is included in one price. We set out to challenge this conventional thinking by imagining the phrase through the lens of others.” 

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Rapid Testing at Airports to Replace Mandatory Quarantine for International Albertan Travelers

Rapid testing arrives in YYC on November 2 Starting on November 2, Alberta residents and eligible international travelers arriving on a non-stop flight into Calgary can take a rapid test for COVID-19 and possibly reduce their mandatory quarantine to as little as 2 days with a negative test. This includes guests who are connecting to airports within Alberta and essential foreign travelers staying within the province for at least 14 days after arrival. The Government of Alberta and Government of Canada have agreed on a 26-week pilot project that will make YYC the exclusive airport for Canada’s first quarantine reduction project that will allow testing to take place on arrival from all international destinations, to reduce quarantine to as little...

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