Spotlight on Travel with Pride

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Provincetown Massachusetts is a magical strip of land, located at the very tip of Cape Cod, where people of all backgrounds can be their authentic selves. Roughly 60 miles out to sea, this vibrant locale hosts word-class beaches, incredible art galleries, top-rated restaurants, and a wide variety of shops to appease any traveler.


Provincetown, the LGBTQ+ mecca of New England, is one of the most inclusive and lively vacation spots located within the Northeast. Sitting on the edge of the continent, this picturesque beach town has long been associated with a spirit of independence, however. Little known fact – America’s first Pilgrims initially landed upon the shores of Provincetown, and the Mayflower Compact was written and signed in the salty harbor. In more recent memory, this special oasis has been known for its rich history in the arts and beautiful, protected National Seashores. Today, travelers flock to this enchanted hub annually to celebrate, relax and enjoy a truly unforgettable trip.

“Ptown,” as it is often affectionately called, is approximately two hours from Boston by car and less than 30 minutes by air. Two ferry companies offer seasonal service from Boston with high-speed options that cut your commute to 90 minutes – a great option to beat the summer traffic that usually piles up in peak times throughout the year! Pick up a snack or beverage at the boat bar, hit the top sundeck, and bask in the rays as you voyage through the brisk Atlantic to this sandy tip of the Cape.

There are an abundance of lodging options, more than 80+, for travelers of all ages, budgets, and preferences within this 17-mile strip. For those looking for quieter, more intimate accommodations with a personalized touch, there are a variety of bed & breakfasts as well as quaint inns to indulge in. Family-friendly, solo, and group travel lodging options are also abound at local hotels or rentals throughout the town. As an added bonus, many accommodations provide amenities like bikes, kayaks or, in the lucky instance, a swimming pool to partake in the hot weather months. While some lodging accommodations operate on a seasonal basis, others are open throughout the year should your wanderlust prompt a last-minute jaunt. This tiny town prides itself on providing beautiful, scenic, and welcoming accommodations at any time of the year.

Entertainment options in (and also around) Provincetown are sure to provide travelers with an abundance of variety to suit almost any interest. This happy place is home to the oldest continuing art colony in the USA, with over 60+ art galleries lining the brick sidewalks. There are also a number of museums and historical landmarks for the art or history buff in your life, all within a several block radius. For those looking to party with pride, there are several dynamic live entertainment venues, bars and nightclubs to pop into whenever the mood strikes. When visiting between May through October, be sure to stop by Boatslip Provincetown for the iconic Tea Dance, a social event on the water known for its rum punches. Cheers!

Food is a must when visiting this culinary culture by the sea. There are a number of incredible quick serve treats you are able to pick up while strolling along Commercial Street, but you will want to make at least one reservation during your stay at the many wonderful restaurants that call this place home. Fresh, locally sourced seafood is a staple at many given the destination’s proximity to the water, but more diverse options are available to please any palate. Foodie travelers should know, this is where Anthony Bourdain got his start in the restaurant industry.

Additionally, visiting Provincetown is to immerse yourself in the beauty of Cape Cod’s natural landscape. For the adventurous visitor, there are a number of whale watching or seal tours, as well as dune tours that traverse the vast, fascinating landscapes of this mystic seashore. The beaches in Ptown are second to none, so a simple picnic on the beach one sunny afternoon is always a cure-all alternative when looking for a lower-key option. Dune hikes to various, more remote beaches is a local tip, with many locations marked only by footprints in the sand. Rather hit the shops instead? Book your stay and spend the weekend peeking through the many charming seaside stores with antiques, art pieces, and souvenirs available for purchase on your way out of this magnificent locale.

Provincetown is a place that changes you. Any season. Every time.

Take pride in where you travel. For more information on how to book a trip to Provincetown, visit and speak with your travel advisor today.