The Travelers Dilemma

It’s here to stay but do you need to stay too? Coronavirus will be here for at least a few years, if not forever. Taking precautions like wearing masks, hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing will be the new normal.

The faster we realize this, the sooner we can move forward and plan our lives around it safely. Let’s be safe but let’s not be afraid. Life is way too short to be afraid. Taking precautions and keeping ourselves healthy should be the new normal.

That trip you had planned and got cancelled. It’s time to book it again. It’s time to live your life while staying healthy. If not now, when? Do you think this coronavirus is going to “pass” in a few months? A year? Two years? Maybe never. It’s time to plan your life and travel with no regrets while taking the same precautions as your home city. 

Travelling during this pandemic will be different, some may think it’s too restrictive. The truth is from my own experience, just coming back from Jamaica and booked every month until the end of the year is that travellers will enjoy the space and tranquility of travelling right now. Find your own space on the beach easily, connect with locals on a deeper level and enjoy breathtaking views all to yourself. Take the same precautions as you would going to the grocery store when your in public spaces. Create experiences away from the daily news cycle. Take your well deserved break from all the negativity. You earned it and your family needs it.

So travellers, if you are healthy and want to take the same precautions as home, it’s time to book your trips. The only thing I ask you is you choose local travel agent when booking your next trip. They need all the support they can get. It’s the same price as booking online. Some will even service all those travel credits you have built up. Support Local Travel Agents.

Need more reasons to book now?

✈️ Get the lowest rates especially for holiday/high season dates.

✈️ Small deposits as little as $50 per person.

✈️ Super flexibility to change or cancel.

✈️ Special offers like free room upgrades, spa treatments and lots more.

✈️ Booking a trip gives you positivity to look forward too.

✈️ Because you deserve it!

Book Local. Get Rewarded.
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Author: Hidar Elmais (Travel Gurus) 🙏