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What Canadians should know while travelling during COVID19

During such an uncertain time, it can sometimes be scary and intimidating thinking about hopping on a plane and travelling to a foreign place. Whether its right here in Canada or on the other side of the world, travel can appear scary; especially with a pandemic going on. Here's some tips and information that will help you SAFELY travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Know that the air you breathe on planes is NOT recirculated or unsafe     It is a common misconception that the air on planes is reused throughout the duration of the flight therefore making it unsafe. Many people think that you're more likely to catch an illness on a plane; but this couldn't be more...

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Rapid Testing at Airports to Replace Mandatory Quarantine for International Albertan Travelers

Rapid testing arrives in YYC on November 2 Starting on November 2, Alberta residents and eligible international travelers arriving on a non-stop flight into Calgary can take a rapid test for COVID-19 and possibly reduce their mandatory quarantine to as little as 2 days with a negative test. This includes guests who are connecting to airports within Alberta and essential foreign travelers staying within the province for at least 14 days after arrival. The Government of Alberta and Government of Canada have agreed on a 26-week pilot project that will make YYC the exclusive airport for Canada’s first quarantine reduction project that will allow testing to take place on arrival from all international destinations, to reduce quarantine to as little...

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